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Subscriber FAQ

What is The Gazette Gives Back?

The Gazette Gives Back is an annual program that provides our subscribers the opportunity to support area nonprofits in a meaningful way, at no cost to the subscriber. By November 13, all subscribers will receive a postcard from us detailing how they can designate their in-kind funds to any one of the participating nonprofit organizations. Subscribers will be prompted to go online and elect the nonprofit of their choosing. A mail option will be printed in The Gazette on Sundays in November and December for subscribers who do not have internet access. The nonprofits will then be granted FREE advertising space in The Gazette throughout the next year, based on the total amount readers have designated to them.

Who will receive the in-kind donation postcard?

All active subscribers will receive the postcard. Those with 5, 6 and 7 day service will receive $50 to designate, weekend and Sunday only will receive $25.

When will I receive my in-kind donation postcard?

Postcards will be mailed the week of November 3, 2017.

How do I give my in-kind dollars to one of the participating non-profits? 

This process is called 'voting.' Clicking on the 'vote for this non-profit' button underneath your desired non-profit's logo will allocate your in-kind funds to that non-profit.

Can I split my in-kind donation amount between two non-profits?

No, you can only elect one non-profit to receive your entire in-kind donation amount.

Can I change my vote?

Once your vote has been cast you cannot change your vote.

How often can I vote?

The voting portion of The Gazette Gives Back initiative will take place once a year, and all active subscribers will have the opportunity to vote once during that period, each year.

I am not a subscriber, can I take part?

There is a $5 voting option for non-subscribers upon signing up for one of The Gazette e-newsletters. Information and a link will be provided on the home page of The Gazette Gives Back

As a reader what can I expect?

Readers will receive their letters in the mail and a special Gazette Gives Back tab will be in the November 12 edition of The Gazette.

Once you have the letter you will go to to designate those funds to your choice of the participating non-profit organizations.

I'm a subscriber but did not receive my letter. What should I do?

Please contact customer service to confirm your funds were not already redeemed. They can take the name of the nonprofit you would like your funds designated to.

Customer Care can be reached by phone at 800-397-8333 or by email at

Who are the elected non-profit organizations for 2018?

The list of nonprofit participants are featured on the home page of www.thegazette/givesback. This includes a summary of the organization along with a link to their website for additional information