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Non-Profit FAQ

Does my organization need to sign up to participate?

2018 applications are now being accepted. Go to the home page of and submit the online form.

How can I nominate my non-profit to be a recipient in 2018?

Please e-mail your request to or fill out the online application. Recipients will be notified the week of October 2, 2018.

Can any non-profit participate?

The non-profits must all be Iowa based 501(c)(3)s.


Will my organization be able to keep track of donations throughout this process?

You can check up on donations to your organization by visiting where there will be a leader board showing the non-profits and the amount donated thus far.

When the program has been completed and my organization has received donations, how will we be contacted?

After December 31st the subscriber designation period is over. All of the non-profits will receive a certificate by mail, no later than Friday, January 13th, detailing the total amount of Gazette Gives Back dollars they were donated.

How do I have ads created or go about scheduling ads?

Sharon Keys will be your point of contact. She can be reached at


What are the redemption restrictions?

·         GGB ads will run in the available space once content and paid advertising has been placed. Location requests will be considered but can never be guaranteed.

·         No sponsor logos may run in the ad

·         Ads ¼ page or larger need to run within the GGB template

·         Non-profits must report on impact of Gazette Gives Back ads if requested

·         Ad space can be redeemed through December 31st, 2017

·         Cannot run two Gazette Gives Back ads in the same week

·         Existing advertisers are not allowed to use Gazette Gives Back funds in place of previously scheduled campaigns

·         Paid ads run first

·         No special sections

·         No front page notes

·         No inserts

Please note: The Gazette reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement at any time.