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How to Vote


To vote, you will need to register your subscription following the steps below. If you have already created a password by logging into the Green Gazette, you can use your current e-mail and password to login and vote. If you have forgotten that password, or are unsure in any way, proceed to the steps below.


Registering your account:

·         Click on Sign In

·         Click on the button that says YES, I have an active Gazette subscription

·         Enter the ‘Unique Subscriber ID' that is listed at the top of your Gazette Gives Back postcard. If you have not yet received the postcard, you can proceed by entering information in some of the other fields. 
          Note: this information must match what is on your Gazette subscription account in order to be able to identify you.

·         Click Register

·         Review the information on the next screen and click Register to confirm that it is your account information

·         Enter a valid e-mail address and create a password. If we already have an e-mail address on file it will be pre-populated into the e-mail space for you.

·         Click Register

·         This will complete the registration process

·         Click on the Back to Gazette Gives Back button to return to The Gazette Gives Back voting page so that you can vote.

NOTE: If you have trouble finding your account, try entering only your unique subscriber ID that can be found on your Gazette Gives Back postcard. It is not necessary to enter any of the other fields if you have this ID numberIf you do not have your subscriber ID try starting with only your phone number, or another singular piece of information.

 Casting your vote:

Once you are logged in you can vote by clicking on the Vote for this Non-Profit button located underneath the logo of the non-profit organization that you wish to vote for.