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Willis Dady

Willis Dady Homeless Services was founded in 1987 as a senior project by college student Jim Welborn. At the time, Jim, an Army Veteran, had experienced over 25 years of homelessness before becoming self-sufficient and enrolling at Mt. Mercy College. Since its founding Willis Dady has grown to support client needs, fill gaps in services, and work on the mission and vision of providing shelter and prevention services to the homeless and near-homeless while empowering clients to break the cycle of homelessness and become self-sufficient. Willis Dady provides one-on-one, individualized case management to all clients in their programs, including Emergency Shelter, Homeless Prevention, Street Outreach, Employment, Housing Programs, and Veteran Services. Every year Willis Dady supports more than 1,000 clients and provided a record 29,588 nights of shelter in 2020. They believe every individual has the ability to overcome barriers and reach their goals.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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