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Horizons, A Family Service Alliance provides holistic services to Eastern Iowa through Meals on Wheels, Financial Wellness, and Neighborhood Transportation Services. A vote helps seniors stay home longer, healthier, and more affordably! Support enables families to climb out of debt, purchase their first home and prepare for the future. A vote for Horizons provides affordable rides to essential late shift and weekend workers when the buses aren’t running. Visit the Horizons website for more information on how to get involved with this organization that instills hope and changes lives across The Corridor. The mission of Horizons, A Family Service Alliance is to instill hope, strengthen communities and brighten futures by providing life-changing services to underserved populations. Horizons provides help and hope to East Central Iowans from all walks of life, assisting those who face unique challenges through integrated, health-focused programs such as Meals on Wheels, Elder Services, Financial Counseling, Community-Based Family Support, Survivors of Homicide Victims and Neighborhood Transportation Service. The agency takes a holistic approach to service delivery, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the whole self and giving people the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives. To reach Horizons call 319-398-3943 or visit the Horizon's website.
East Central Iowa , Iowa
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