What is The Gazette Gives Back? 

An annual program supporting nonprofits across Eastern Iowa by providing free advertising credits. Through the gift of promotional support, partner organizations can build awareness of their mission, products and resources. Through an annual application process, select nonprofits will share their information and empower Gazette readers to vote for the organization they want to support. At the end of the voting campaign (Thanksgiving through December 31), GGB nonprofits will be awarded their total allotment of ad credits to use for the new calendar year.

How can a nonprofit participate? 

501c3 nonprofits are encouraged to apply during the call for applications in August and September. Selection of participating nonprofits for the upcoming calendar year are notified in October. A link to the application is available on this website homepage during the call for applications.

When is the voting campaign and who is eligible to vote?

The annual voting campaign begins Thanksgiving Day and extends through December 31. Voters may review information about participating nonprofits on this website, then determine which organizations they want to support through votes. A paper ballot is also available in print editions of The Gazette throughout the month of December. Anyone with access to the online or paper ballot Gazette Gives Back voting campaign may vote. By voting for your favorite GGB participant, you are increasing the amount of free advertising credits they will receive during the calendar year ahead.

Other tips for voting:

  • • Subscribers to The Gazette receive 5 votes to distribute to their favorite nonprofit participants. Non-subscribers  have 1 vote.
  • • At the end of the voting campaign, GGB participants are notified of the number of votes received and how much they have earned in free advertising credit for the upcoming year.
  • • Voting is free and limited to one visit per subscriber or non-subscriber.*
  • • Want a paper ballot? You can download from our Thanksgiving Day Paper.
  • *Want more votes? If you're a Gazette subscriber, you can convert your Rewards Points into Givesback Votes at a rate of 1 to 1 for extra opportunities to support your favorite local nonprofits! This will be an option when you go to cast your vote! 

Questions, issues or requests

To request an online form for the next GGB cycle, go to the "Submit Your Nonprofit!" tab on the home page of this website

General Inquiries: Quinn Pettifer at 319-981-0307  or quinn.pettifer@thegazette.com

The views and opinions expressed in the Gazette Gives Back participant summaries are those of the individual organizations and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Gazette or the program sponsor.