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Sweetgrass Flute & Nature Festival -Win Tickets
The 5th annual Sweetgrass Flute & Nature Festival is scheduled for September 27-29 at Prairiewoods.  Register for a pair of tickets for full VIP access to the festival and sounds of flutes CD. 

Sweetgrass Flute & Nature Festival is the culmination of a passion for the soothing sounds of the Native American-style flute and the spiritual connection to nature, mind, body and spirit. Each year in late September, thousands gather to celebrate the soothing sounds of the Native American flute in Hiawatha, Iowa. Artists specializing in music produced from the Native American flute, world flutes, dulcimer, handpan, didgeridoo and many other exotic instruments perform live on stage throughout the weekend while workshops ranging from yoga to music making take place by an incredible community of instructors.

Date of event: 09/27/19

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